Monday, May 21, 2012

We all deserve abundance.

We want to believe that statement. 
We look around us, and feel it isn’t true.  We see poor people, tragedy everywhere.   How can we all deserve abundance when there is so much lack, so much poverty, dis-ease, heartbreak, all this stuff that looks and feels so very bad and sad?

Many of us have been taught that abundance isn’t readily available. This teaching comes from our parents, our schools, the popular news channels, the government. The entities are all just teaching us what they know, or what they want us to know.

So my proposal is that we look for things we haven’t learned.
Let’s look for information that’s not readily available. Let’s look for information that’s not one of the same handful of story types being repeatedly being presented in a 24-hour news cycle.  Let’s find some teachings that haven’t been presented to us in our education thus far.   

APPLE’S ‘THINK DIFFERENT’ CAMPAIGN IS HORSESHIT.  I used that title to get your attention.  ‘THINK DIFFERENT’  Popularized by Apple commercials and Jim Henson posters all over the world.  It’s a great ad campaign.  I love Apple products and use them almost exclusively.  But lately, I’ve been thinking differently about the ad campaign (hey, Apple asked me to).

This writing is about how you, the reader, can achieve a better life, a more abundant life that you’ve dreamed about in part of your mind for as long as you can remember.  You can create this for yourself.  In this writing I’ll take you through the steps and back-ground information to achieve a better life for themselves, in whichever way that looks for them. Let’s look at a different way of doing things.

Step 1:  The Question:
If we as people were able to just ‘think different’, who wouldn’t already be doing that?  Who wouldn’t choose to be in a better mood or have happier thoughts all day long?  All of us would.  Sure, just telling myself to be positive or think happy thoughts worked for a little bit, but then when someone was rude to me, or I didn’t get much sleep, or I got dumped, it seemed IMPOSSIBLE to change my thoughts to a happy place.  It was beyond my mental power to choose to better thoughts. This lead me to the fact that there had to be something else, another step, that would allow us as humans to ‘think different’.  I started asking myself and other people far smarter than I am: “What do I need to do in order to think different?”

Step 2: The Opportunity: 
It also occurred to me that if I was able to start thinking differently, that I could probably change my life.  A college professor said  “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you always have gotten.”  This clicked in me that if I was able to change my thoughts from what they had always been, I could achieve more of the life I’ve always wanted: more happiness, better relationships, more wealth, better health.  My life when I started was pretty good and I wasn’t starving or friendless, but I did feel there was an opportunity to move into a better life, to realize dreams that I have had for so long, but I didn’t know how to achieve them. 

Step 3:  The Path to a Better Life:
What I discovered was this.  The overall conclusion of the process is that in order to ‘THINK DIFFERENT,’ we need to ‘BELIEVE DIFFERENT.’  We can all change our lives, if we believe different.  That’s its.  That’s the whole point of me writing to you today. Once we can figure out how to ‘Believe Different’ and each of you will have the power to change your own lives into whatever you want.  This is simply the summary of the process.  To fully understand the conclusion and be able to apply it in your own life, you need to learn underlying information that helps us to arrive at the conclusion:

Step 4: The Underlying Information:
This is the information that helped us arrive at the conclusion. 
Let’s look at some truths.  It’s generally accepted that we, as humans, have these three main components that make up how we tick:
1)   A conscious mind
2)   A sub-conscious mind, and
3)   An ego. 

It’s also generally accepted that we form most of our sub-conscious beliefs between ages 3 to 5.  Doctors much smarter than me have agreed on this. Sub-conscious beliefs are the benchmarks of our personalities. These are all the big questions that form our personality such ‘Is the world a safe place,’ ‘How much money am I meant to have,’ ‘When I walk into a room, what do people think of me’

 It’s also generally agreed that our sub-conscious mind holds our belief system.  Let’s get into a very important chain reaction now.  We’ll go through this in detail, but it’s important to see the whole chain before we dissect the links:
1)    Our Sub-Conscious minds hold our Beliefs.
2)    Our Beliefs shape our Thoughts. 
3)    Our Thoughts shape our Emotions. 
4)    Our Emotions shape our Actions
5)    Our Actions shape our Day to Day lives. 
6)    Our Day to Day lives become our Reality.

Basically, the things we learned by the time we were 3-5 years old shape our present reality.  Whoa.  Pretty interesting, right?  If we change our Belief System, we can change our reality.  ‘Think Different’ is a good start, but it’s not quite high enough up the chain to have a real effect.

This isn’t to say some of our beliefs that we were taught between 3-5 haven’t changed.  The good news is that we can change our sub-conscious.  By re-impressioning the sub-conscious, you can change your belief system.  But this takes consistent action (it’s not a lot of work, it’s not hard work, it’s just consistent work). 

99% of us don’t actively take the action needed to change our sub-conscious, so 99% of us are walking around mostly with the stuff we learned between the time we were 3-5 years old.

Do you have any issue you keep having to deal with over and over again?  All of life can be boiled down into a sub-section of 5 main categories of life:

1) Health 
2) Finances
3) Relationships 
4) Career
5) Spirituality
Usually people are pretty solid in one or two of the categories, and the other categories present a struggle.  And generally in the struggle categories, people re-live similar challenges, do their best to ignore them, or resign themselves to the (false) idea, that they just aren't meant to have abundance in that area. Chances are that people have tried ‘Thinking Different’ about them on many occasions.  That hasn’t quite worked, or they’d be moving on to the next level of your life, and not mired in the same shit they’ve always struggled with.  No one really likes to re-visit the same problems, but few of us figure out how to move beyond them. Basically, if you could find a way to think better thoughts about a part of your life, you would be doing that already. Since you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s time to try something new.  Let's learn how to move up the chain.

If this writing has made sense to you thus far, the natural next questions will be: How can I actively do this? How do I re-impression the sub-conscious?  Those are wonderful and important questions.  And in order to move your life into the abundance in all the areas, you will need tools that you can use every single day; tools for when things are going great, and tools for when things feel like they suck. 

There is a follow up text that gives a brilliant explanation on how every person can learn and understand these tools, and apply them in their daily life.  In order to get them, just post on the comments of this blog, or email   Also, if you want a perspective on an issue or concept you're currently struggling with, you can email too.  The writer will get back to you as soon a possible :)